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Purchasing policy
By accessing our website and using our services you confirm that you accept the general rules and conditions of purchase and agree to respect them. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions do not access this website and do not use the general terms and conditions.
Vital 1991 DOO-Ohrid is a provider of services on the website and adheres to legal regulations in order to protect the privacy of users, and end users are advised to read everything listed on this page to understand what information is collected by Vital 1991 DOO-Ohrid and how it uses them.
End users are advised to read this privacy statement, and by accessing and using our website the end user confirms that he has read, understood and accepted all terms of data privacy and how they are used.
If the end user does not agree with these correct conditions, we instruct him to leave and not to access and use the website
By using this site you agree and declare that: you are 18 years old
You will not abuse it by making fake orders and that you will use this site only in accordance with our terms and conditions.
The sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age is prohibited, and by accepting the general rules and conditions for using the website you declare that you are 18 years old.
Please fill in and place the order on our website and receive it at the location you specified in the order, and if this is abused, ie the order is fake, Vital 1999 DOO-Ohrid will initiate legal proceedings to compensate the damage. made by you.
The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered during the registration, and if there is a change in the data, you are obliged to update them as soon as possible.
Ordering from is done by selecting the products you want to buy, and they are considered successfully ordered when you select the order box and make a successful payment with your payment card.
The prices are in Macedonian currency – MKD (MKD) and are valid at the moment when the order is made, and the payment is online with a credit / debit card by entering all the data by the cardholder.
Ordered products will be processed immediately after payment and delivered to the specified address you have left.
The order may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances (congestion, malfunction, inconvenient accident and similar unforeseen circumstances) and the ordered product will be considered delivered when the person in charge of us delivers the delivery to you. upon handover by us, and upon your prior on-site inspection.
The buyer is obliged to review the shipment upon receipt and if it is incorrect to complain at the same time to the phone number or e-mail address that are at our address.
If there are problems related to the Internet and electronic communications, Vital 1999 DOO-OHRID does not bear any responsibility.
Any use of the website by the end user will be considered as acceptance of all changes made to the site, and we reserve the right to modify or discontinue them at any time.
By accepting this privacy policy, you acknowledge that you agree to the collection and use of your information in a manner set forth in this privacy policy, and if you do not agree, please do not access and use our Website. our services. With your privacy policy, you acknowledge that you are 18 years old. The data collected are from visitors to our Website and to persons who have registered and created a profile on the Website, users. When registering and creating a profile on our site, you confirm that the data you submit are true and you voluntarily agree to its terms and conditions. Information required:  Name and Surname  Address  Telephone number. Email address креди Credit or debit card information Your personal information is collected through the use of our Website and the registration and login forms and through our email address. The data we collect is stored in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection. “Vital 1999” DOO – Ohrid prohibits the use of the Website of persons under 18 years of age. We reserve the right to change and update the privacy policy without prior notice at any time and therefore we suggest that you check the amendments before each acceptance of the Privacy Policy. All content on the Website contains copyright and any copying, modification or in any other way using the content without written permission from Vital 1999 doo Ohrid, is strictly prohibited, and any violation of these rules and conditions may result in a procedure under legal regulations. Vital 1999 doo. Ohrid will not share the personal data of the end user with external parties, except in the cases listed below and in situations where required by law. Vital 1999 doo.Ohrid will use personal data for sending, distributing and promotional emails, data analysis and processing of credit / debit card payments.
The end user has the opportunity to access and change personal data.
With respect,
Vital 1999 doo. Ohrid